They say that this is the hottest confrontation in the history of hockey. And there's no reason not to believe it.

Background to hatred

In Montreal, they do not like Toronto and everything connected with it. From Ottawa in Montreal, too, not happy. Yes, and Buffalo with Detroit respect is not honored by Montreal. In general, one would say that in Montreal do not like all English speakers. In Montreal, they love themselves, and everything else is tolerated at best. But really hating, boiling with rage, wanting infernal tortures and executions of Egypt - oh, this honor the fans of "Montreal Canadiens" have only one "Boston".

And all this is utter nonsense. Because on the ice usually emotions are hotter. And what is most surprising, there are no geographic-historical preconditions for this ice vendetta. Just played two teams toronto maple leafs vs boston bruins tickets bambartukala in the "First Six" of the NHL, and managed to meet them in the playoffs with frightening regularity. A "Montreal" also managed to equally regularly wipe the "Boston" feet.

The origin of hatred

The first cup dance of the "Canadian" with the "bear" happened in the finals of 1930, and "Montreal" won in two matches. Over the years, these same teams met in the semifinals, and red-blue-white won again. But the rivalry really flared up only in the era of the "First Six". After in 1943, "Boston" won in the playoffs in five games, "Montreal" took over in 18 (!) Series in a row - until 1987, inclusive. At the same time to bring the case to the seventh match Boston was only three times and never in the finals, which for this period of time had five.

Montreal domination is not surprising - it's no wonder it's the most famous club in the history of the NHL. In those years, "Canadiens" had the right of the first choice for all hockey players from Quebec, and since the scions of French-speaking farmers at that time were the best hockey players, there was no one to compete in the level of talent with "Montreal".

Hatred in a cut

The 1952 year. The seventh match of the Stanley Cup semi-final. Brilliant striker "Montreal" Maurice Richard, nicknamed "Rocket" gets a head injury - concussion and dissection at the same time. But for the hockey players of the military generation, such a trifle as a shaken brain, of course, did not play a big role. Richard visited the locker room, where the team doctor, without going too far into the diagnostic jungle, cured Richard by applying a bandage to a bleeding wound on his forehead. Richard, staggering, returned to the bench and sat down.

From under the bandage, imposed by a doctor with hussar carelessness, he sprinkled a stream of blood. However, as soon as Richard jumped on the ice, what happened to him usually happened: he picked up the puck, carefully walked around all the rivals, rolled one on one with goalkeeper Jim Henry and scored what was later called in the press "the greatest goal in history hockey ". This was a winning puck. The first seeds of universal hatred were planted.

The 1955 year. This time the head of Richard became the cause of a much less noble event. In a regular season match, the Boston player Hal Lakehead hit Richard with a stick in the head and cut his forehead. At the end of the game episode, the hot francophone rose and, all covered in blood and fury, went to Lakou. He removed his gloves in anticipation of a fight, but the Rocket, without saying a bad word, struck him with a stick in the face. And one more. And further.

By the time they were separated, Richard had managed to break the stick against the back of Laikou, then struck the lineman with a fist, sending him to the knockout. Maurice, who received a match penalty, was taken to the locker room - patting his bleeding face. But immediately after the match was sent to the Boston police and order to arrest the hockey player. For Richard, team members barricaded the dressing room door, and the club management, who convinced the policemen that this is the NHL's internal affair, stood up for themselves.

NHL to the internal matter reacted seriously: the president of the League Clarence Campbell soldered Richard in all severity - disqualified for the rest of the season and all the playoff games. And then it began ... Campbell in Quebec did not like for a long time, seeing in him the personification of the "English boot", trampling on the Francophones. Richard himself once wrote a column in a Montreal newspaper, in which he called Campbell a dictator. Campbell, in response, humiliated Richard, forcing him to write a refutation and permanently leave sports journalism to the competent persons.

If the opinions were divided in the evaluation of Campbell's actions (all NHL outside of Quebec considered the punishment too mild), his next step was unanimously recognized as idiotic. The president of the league has not found anything better than to appear at the next home game of the Canadiens. As soon as the president appeared on the rostrum, rotten eggs and other foodstuffs brought by prudent fans immediately flew into him.

One of whom managed to get to Campbell and hit him several times in the face. The police panicked, threw a bomb with tear gas and gave the order to stop the game. Frenzied fans jumped out into the street, joined the demonstrators and went to the general forces to smash the city. The passions subsided only when the idol of the fans publicly stated that he was taking his punishment and asked the Montreal to calm down.In the playoffs, "Montreal", already without Richard, won the "Boston" in five games.

  • Between 1965 and 1979 there was only one Stanley Cup final, in which neither "Montreal" nor "Boston" ("Philadelphia" - "Buffalo" in 1975) played.In the final of 1978, the Bostonians, desperate to win, how they could try to disable Guy Lefler. He finished the series with a bandaged head bandage ...

A year later, in the playoffs of 1979, "Boston" won in the last seconds of the seventh match, when the judges recorded a black and yellow violation of the numerical strength. "Montreal" equalized the score in the majority, scored in overtime and won the series. The head coach of "Boston" could not recover from this terrible mistake and soon left his post. The coach was called Don Cherry.

  • The newest history of the confrontation is no less colorful. In 2008, Montrealer Steve Bejen hit the back as a result – hard back injury to Mark Savar, provoking a new round of hatred. When the teams met in the playoffs, fans of "Montreal" made obstruction to the hymn of the United States.

In the season-2008/09 Milan Luchich beat Mike Komisarek, having savored his victory by a defiant celebration, addressed to the bench "Montreal". Komisarek did not forget and did not forgive, giving the change in the next season. A year later the Montrealer Max Pachoretti already broke up: scoring a goal in overtime, he for some reason pushed Zdeno Haru in the back. The impulse was absolutely none, but Zdeno held his resentment. What happened in one of the following matches, remember everything. Believe that it was just an accident or a coincidence, the Montreal could not, and when Hara escaped disqualification ... No, thank God this time there were no pogroms. But the criminal case against the Slovak in Montreal started trying. Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten.